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X-Press Feeders Signs MOU with Six European Ports for Green Shipping Corridors

    X-Press Feeders dual-fuel vessels

    The historic agreement underscores a shared dedication to fast-tracking the creation of green shipping corridors and advancing the marine sector’s decarbonization in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea. It also shows the importance of combined efforts and knowledge to foster sustainable maritime operations practices.

    X-Press Feeders, the world’s largest independent common carrier, has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with six European ports: Port of Antwerp Bruges (Belgium), Port of Tallinn (Estonia), Port of Helsinki (Finland), Port of HaminaKotka (Finland), Freeport of Riga (Latvia) and Klaipeda Port (Lithuania).

    By working together – X-Press Feeders and the six partner ports – aim to efficiently implement green shipping corridors and lead the maritime industry in sustainability. We chose the Nordic and Baltic states as the first markets to deploy our green methanol-powered vessels because we found the ports and our customers in these markets very receptive.
    Francis Goh, Chief Operating Officer, in X-Press Feeders

    The MOU signifies a joint commitment to accelerate the establishment of green shipping corridors and the broader decarbonization of the marine sector in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea.

    The Port of Antwerp-Bruges is honored to have signed this MOU with X-Press Feeders and fellow European ports, emphasizing our joint dedication to sustainable maritime practices. This partnership signifies a crucial step forward in nurturing eco-friendly shipping corridors and encouraging the use of alternative fuels. It reinforces our steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship in the Baltic Sea and Scandinavian region, vital to our port.
    Spokesperson from the Port of Antwerp Bruges

    Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the involved parties are committed to collaborative efforts to advance infrastructure for the supply and bunkering of alternative fuels and actively promote the establishment of supply chains for fuels with minimal to zero greenhouse gas emissions.

    By collaborating with these leading European ports, we can collectively drive the adoption of green
    technologies that accelerate the decarbonization of our industry.

    Francis Goh, Chief Operating Officer, in X-Press Feeders

    The MOU strongly emphasizes leveraging digital platforms to optimize port calls. Regular meetings between the involved parties are scheduled to facilitate and identify further elements to ensure the progress of initiatives geared toward developing green shipping corridors.

    We are humble and proud to be a chosen destination for methanol-driven container ships from summer 2024 onwards. The collaboration is a significant milestone for the Carbon-Neutral Port of Helsinki Manifestation. The only possible way to significantly reduce cargo owners’ scope 3 emissions from maritime transportation is for shipping companies like X-Press Feeders to take tangible steps.
    Vesa Marttinen, Vice President, Cargo, Port of Helsinki

    Additionally, the MOU emphasizes the safety and skill enhancement of port workers and seafarers. Comprehensive training programs designed for the safe handling of alternative fuels underscore the unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of our workforce and the environment.

    Representatives from the different parties in the Green Shipping Corridor MOU
    Photo: X-Press Feeders

    Making the maritime sector more sustainable and reducing its environmental footprint is a priority for all stakeholders in our industry. It is highly welcome that the first tangible steps – towards greater sustainability in our industry – address fuel consumption. Port of Tallinn was one of the fastest ports in Europe to digitalize, and soon we can say the same about introducing new types of fuels.
    Margus Vihman, Commercial Manager, Port of Tallinn.

    Two shipping routes mark the establishment of the collaboration 

    Two services, scheduled to commence in Q3 2024, mark Europe’s first steps towards more environmentally sustainable shipping services.

    • Green Baltic X-PRESS (GBX): Rotterdam > Antwerp Bruges > Klaipeda > Riga > Rotterdam
    • Green Finland X-PRESS (GFX): Rotterdam > Antwerp Bruges > Helsinki > Tallinn > HaminaKotka > Rotterdam

    These services will be Europe’s first scheduled feeder routes powered by green methanol, an alternative fuel that produces at least 60% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional marine fuel.

    The Port of Riga is delighted to join the European ports in promoting green shipping and establishing green shipping corridors, focusing on climate neutrality and integration into green logistics corridors. This commitment is crucial for the port’s sustainability and competitiveness, as it aligns with the European Green Deal and meets client demands for greener transport solutions. The availability of green energy makes the port more efficient and safer and significantly boosts its appeal for freight and investment projects.
    Edgars Suna, Freeport of Riga Authority Deputy CEO for Port Development Matters

    About X-Press Feeders

    X-Press Feeders, founded in Singapore in 1972, is the world’s largest independent common carrier. X-Press Feeders is an independent common carrier that does not own, lease, or operate any containers. They provide transportation services only to container operators and not to proprietary cargo interests or the general shipping public, allowing us to act as a trustworthy and impartial contractor. X-Press Feeders operates a fleet of over 100 vessels, calling at more than 180 ports worldwide. X-Press Feeders aims to achieve net zero emission by 2050 and be the ‘Greener Feeder Carrier of Choice’. We will be the world’s first feeder carrier to operate containerships powered by green methanol.

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