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World´s largest plug-in hybrid ship delivered from Ulstein Verft to Color Line

    Color Line took delivery of the world’s largest plug-in hybrid ship M/S Color Hybrid on August 1st. The ship sets a global standard for environmentally-friendly ships and represents a significant upgrade of the shopping and adventure offerings for travelers between Norway and Sweden. The maiden voyage goes from Sandefjord to Strømstad on August 16th.

    Green, smart, and innovative

    Color Line bases its investments on the efforts of the authorities and the international community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “Construction of the world’s largest plug-in hybrid ship is in line
    with the company’s ambitions for further development of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for Norwegian shipping,”
    Trond Kleivdal, CEO of Color Line

    Color Hybrid employs new solutions to reduce noise and emissions. The ship is a plug-in hybrid, and its five-megawatt hour batteries are charged via a power cable with environmentally friendly power from shore power plants on the quay in Sandefjord. The ship will sail in and out of the Sandefjord virtually silently and without emissions of harmful environmental gases, or nitrogen and sulfur compounds to the air in the area. The battery pack weighs 65 tons and can be charged in one hour. In addition, the ship has a large heating reservoir of 5 megawatt-hour capacity that utilizes waste heat from both the engine cooling water cycle and exhaust gases for heating purposes onboard. This, together with an optimal hull construction, helps to make the ship energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Over 70% of the suppliers are from the maritime cluster in Norway, representing the very best of the Norwegian maritime industry.

    With its innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, the ship is an important project for Ulstein Verft and the maritime cluster. “We would like to thank Color Line for a very good and constructive collaboration throughout the construction period,”
    Gunvor Ulstein, CEO of Ulstein Group

    A new travel experience

    The new ship will provide an improved travel experience and set a new standard for comfort. Shopping and service offerings onboard will be expanded and improved, with large stores and three great eateries with a rich variety of food and drink. On deck, there will be a greenhouse powered by residual heat where herbs and vegetables, among other things, will be grown and served on board. Guests with a love of the sea will surely seek out the additional ”bridge” wing at the stern, built for passengers. A glass floor will allow guests to follow the waves and the ship’s rhythm with a direct view to the open sea.

    The world’s largest plug-in hybrid ship is 160 meters long, with a capacity of 2,000 passengers and around 500 cars. The ship will provide significantly increased capacity on the route between Norway and Sweden.
    For more information:
    Helge Otto Mathisen, Executive Vice President Communication & Public Affairs in Color Line, Tel. +47 992 23 330, E-post:
    Cover Photo: UAVPIC, Color Line