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The world is getting closer to Tromsø

    On Saturday 08.02, the North Sea Container Line (NCL) starts weekly departures from the port of Tromsø, which links the region with markets such as Asia, the USA, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

    “From your door to their door”

    The concept is NCL’s “door-to-door” concept, which combines sea and land-based transport. The customer has the flexibility to store and pack containers on the quay in Tromsø or at their location. Providing the customer with better flexibility and simplifies the logistics operation.

    With a large selection of containers, NCL offers logistics solutions for both freezer/refrigerator and ordinary cargo.

    “We are incredibly pleased to be able to contribute to the logistics needs of Tromsø and Northern Norway. Weekly container service brings worldwide competitive advantages and simplifies handling of fish, with seamless logistics from the freezing of the fish to delivery at the customer’s premises.”
    Martin Torkelsen, Business Development Manager in NCL

    Northern Norway – Europe «door-to-door»

    With weekly operations from Tromsø, NCL opens up a logistics line to markets in all corners of the world, from London, Berlin, Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, as well as direct transport from Tromsø to Asia, USA, Brazil, and Africa. The route complements the route offers to Europe from Tromsø and makes it even easier to choose the sea route.

    The cargo owners can now move additional goods from road to sea and limit traffic with foreign cars on Norwegian roads. The CO2 footprint of a freezer container on a boat from Tromsø to Portugal is 62% lower than with a freezer truck that drives all the way directly.

    Europe – Northern Norway «door-to-door»

    The route opens up the sea route for goods from the continent to Tromsø. Departing every Sunday from Rotterdam and arriving in Tromsø on Saturday the same week. Efficient transit time, door-to-door solution, and cooling capacity provide new opportunities for logistics from the continent to Tromsø.

    About North Sea Container Line (NCL)

    NCL was established in 1994 and is a complete logistics provider headquartered in Haugesund. NCL operates ships on the west, central and north coasts of Norway and central European hubs Hamburg, Bremerhaven, and Rotterdam. NCL combines sea and land-based transport to ensure efficient and cost-effective transport from door to door. NCL operates modern container ships and offers industry and business cost-effective intermodal transport solutions. The company operates a substantial fleet of proprietary containers used in the short-sea market, offering complete door-to-door solutions.

    In 2019, NCL shipped 215,000 tonnes of tempered goods out of the country.