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The Nordics and Europe connected in Hirtshals

    The Port of Hirtshals is a multimodal logistics center strategically located to facilitate the seamless integration of various transportation methods. Its advantageous geographical position and well-established infrastructure on land enable the efficient connection of different forms of transport, resulting in streamlined transport solutions.  

    The Port of Hirtshals is one of Denmark’s largest ferry and transport ports and connects The Nordics and Europe. From Hirtshals, there are daily departures to Norway, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland, operated by Color Line, Smyril Line, and Fjord Line

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    The Port of Hirtshals is also part of the EU’s prioritized transport network TEN-T, and further development of the Port ensures better utilization of the total capacity on the North European Sea, road, and rail network. To support continued growth and meet customers’ future demand, the Port of Hirtshals is preparing a significant port expansion, “Expansion North,” which will significantly improve the entry conditions and optimize the Port’s facilities.

    We are actively pursuing plans for a major port expansion, and we have ambitious goals to become a hub for the production and consumption of green energy. This requires a substantial strategic focus, which we now have the opportunity to prioritize.”

    CEO Per Holm Nørgaard from Port of Hirtshals

    Capabilities and services

    The Port can accommodate a wide range of cargo, including roll-on/roll-off (Ro/Ro) traffic, general cargo, bulk cargo, containers, and project cargo.  

    One notable advantage is the Port´s ability to reconsolidate goods, enhancing the efficiency of goods transportation. Close to Østbassin 2, a logistics center is available for reconsolidation and packaging of goods, especially for distribution in Norway. This logistics center welcomes collaboration with transport companies and buyers. For further details, contact the Port of Hirtshals.  

    Color Line - Terminal - Hirtshals
    Color Line at the Port of Hirtshals
    Photo Color Line AS

    A combined terminal adjacent to the port is designed to accommodate train sets up to 675 meters long, providing ample space for handling various cargo.  

    Close to Port is the Hirtshals Transport Center (HTC). It offers essential amenities such as customs clearance services, a driver’s lounge, refueling facilities, and restroom and bathing facilities, making it a convenient hub for transport operations.  

    Shortsea Schedules screenshot: Transport details Smyril Line service from Tórshavn (Faroe Islands) to the Port of Hirtshals

    The presence of Motorway E39 with its northern exit in Hirtshals ensures rapid distribution of goods to and from the port.  

    Service Network

    The Port offers frequent and efficient services to Norway, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland. Color Line, Smyril Line, and Fjord Line operate these services. 

    The comprehensive network forms the foundation for direct transport to numerous destinations in Norway and Europe. Leveraging direct sea transport connections minimizes the need for extensive road transport within Norway.  

    The following Routes have all-year-round operation 

    • Larvik – Operated twice daily by Color Line. 
    • Kristiansand – Operated twice daily by Color Line and Fjord Line 
    • Stavanger – Operated daily by Fjord Line 
    • Bergen – Operated daily by Fjord Line  
    • Tórshavn – Operated weekly by Smyril Line 
    • Thorlakshöfn – Operated weekly by Smyril Line) 

    In addition, during the summer, Smyrill Line has two weekly services to Seyðisfjørður (Iceland) via Tórshavn (Faroe Islands). From ultimo November to medio March, there is no sailing to Seyðisfjørður.  

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