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The Highway between Europe and Norway

    Predictable and efficient logistics ensure precise customer deliveries and are essential for logistics giant DHL. The stability and predictability of Color Line is why DHL has replaced asphalt with the sea route from Kiel to Oslo.

    It’s almost 09 a.m., and DHL is at the loading point in Hamburg. The cargo consists of postal items for Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL). At 10 a.m., the trailer starts moving north towards Kiel and the trip up to Oslo.

    Screenshot from Shortsea Schedules showing Hamburg-Oslo search result.

    Dependable and efficient

    Color Line operates a daily service between Kiel and Oslo. The ship departs from Kiel at 14:00. The DHL truck from Hamburg arrives two hours in advance with the time-sensitive cargo.

    We must deliver precisely. Color Line provides a predictable service where we get to the customer nearly as clockwork.

    Bjørn Vidar Melberg, Trade Lane Manager in DHL Global Forwarding Freight

    Loading and delivering cargo at the right time is a necessity. For DHL’s part, the postal items must arrive at the first unloading point at Lørenskog immediately after lunch the following day.

    Loading operations in Oslo prior to Kiel departure

    -One thing is to have the flexibility to arrive a few minutes late but still be able to load the trailer. Another thing is to have it quickly available and unloaded when the ship comes to Oslo. Melberg says that Color Line has adjusted to care for both, so we get a dependable and efficient logistics solution.

    Operational foundation for the Color Line service between Kiel and Oslo

    Captain Christoffer Wabø, in Color Line, explains why Color Line delivers such excellent predictability:

    • Ship size:
      Color Line operates two vessels on the Kiel-Oslo route. The ships are the world’s largest Ro-pax.
    • Approximately 80 percent of the route is through protected waters
      There have been no weather cancellations since Color Line started the service.
    • The ship has a four-hour turnaround in the port of Kiel/Oslo daily
      Provides ample time to make up for delays.
    • The ships have sufficient engine power reserves and sound stabilization systems to handle all weather conditions en route
      The comfort on board for guests and drivers limits speed, not the ship’s capabilities.

    The highway between Norway and Europe

    -Color Line is a fast and essential highway between Norway and Europe. We drive several routes for our customers, but many trucks go by sea. Kiel-Oslo is one thing, but, says Melberg, the SuperSpeed ferries between Larvik, Kristiansand, and Denmark are also vital to us.

    There are multiple reasons why we chose Color Line. Firstly, it is environmentally friendly and the longest ferry route we manage to reach the continent from Norway. Secondly is punctuality, says Geir Kluge Heiermo, Director of Sales & Marketing at FREJA.

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    We must deliver on time. Color Line provides a predictable solution where customers receive their cargo according to the agreement, as precisely as a clock, says Melberg.

    The night passes into the early morning when the Color Line ship is visible on the horizon. The ship arrives in Oslo according to its scheduled arrival time. DHL is ready to pick up the postal trolley to meet their 12:30 deadline.

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