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Predictable and efficient

    Color Line approaching

    Predictable and efficient logistics ensures precise customer deliveries and is crucial for the logistics giant DHL. The stability and predictability of Color Line are why DHL has replaced the road with the sea.

    The time is approaching 09.00. DHL is in place at the loading point in Hamburg; the cargo consists of postal items for Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL). An hour later, the trailer begins to roll north.

    A reliable and good solution

    In Kiel, Color Line is waiting for the time-sensitive cargo. The ship departs from Kiel at 14.00. However, the DHL car from Hamburg shows up two hours in advance.

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    -One thing is to bring the trolley, even if you are a few minutes late. Another thing is to have it quickly available when the ship arrives in Oslo. Here, Color Line has made some adjustments so that both considerations are taken into account – which means that we get a very reliable and suitable solution, says Bjørn Vidar Melberg, Trade Lane Manager in DHL Global Forwarding Freight

    Photo: Color Line

    Loading and delivering goods at the right time is a necessity. For DHL, the postal items must arrive at the first unloading point at Lørenskog immediately after lunch the next day.

    Precise deliveries are crucial to our customers. Color Line gives us a stable and predictable solution where we reach the customer almost as precisely as a watch.
    Bjørn Vidar Melberg, Trade Lane Manager at DHL Global Forwarding Freight

    -We have driven goods for DPDHL to Norway Post for a long time. But from the beginning of October last year, we started with a solution via the ship from Kiel to Oslo, says Bjørn Vidar Melberg.

    Four reasons for the predictability Oslo-Kiel

    Captain Christoffer Wabø, in Color Line, states four reasons why Color Magic and Color Fantasy deliver such excellent predictability:

    • The size of the ships. They were the world’s largest Ro-pax when they were built – and still are.
    • About 80 percent of the route runs on protected waters. No cancellations since they started.
    • It has four hours in port every day and has the opportunity to make up for delays.
    • The ships have sufficient engine power reserves in all weather conditions and sound stabilization systems. The comfort on board for guests and drivers limits the speed, not the ship’s capacities.

    700 trailers a month

    -Color Line is a fast and vital transport line between Norway and Europe. Of course, we run several different routes for our customers, but many cars go by sea. One thing is Kiel-Oslo, but the SuperSpeed ferries to and from Denmark that leave Larvik and Kristiansand are also essential to us, says Melberg.

    FREJA is the largest cargo customer for Color Line and sends around 700 trailers monthly to and from Kiel.

    -There are many reasons why we choose Color Line. Firstly, it is environmentally friendly and the longest ferry route we manage to get to the continent from Norway. Another reason is that Color Line is incredibly punctual. In addition, they have the world’s largest cruise ships with cargo decks and this option with Color Carrier, which also takes some dangerous goods that do not go on the passenger ships. So the overall concept will be perfect, says Geir Kluge Heiermo, Director of Sales & Marketing at FREJA.

    Photo: Color Line

    The night has passed, and the Color Line ship can be seen on the horizon when the morning drops the roof on Hjortneskaia. The ship arrives in Oslo according to the scheduled arrival time. DHL is ready to pick up the mail trolley to meet the deadline at 12:30.

    -It is crucial that we deliver precisely. Color Line gives us a stable and predictable solution where we reach the customer almost as exactly as a watch, says Melberg.