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NOK 112 million in grants available for qualified projects supporting competitive sea transport

    December 15th is the deadline for applications for three different grant schemes managed by the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Concessions for freight transfers, efficient and environmentally friendly ports, and port cooperation. A total of NOK 112 million is available to applicants with qualified projects.

    In addition to a joint application deadline of December 15th, 2019, the three grant schemes have in common that they will facilitate a competitive sea transport making shortsea services the chosen service for the transport of goods where possible.

    Strengthening the competitiveness of maritime transport is an essential task for the Norwegian Coastal Administration. These grant schemes are some of the instruments that the Norwegian Coastal Administration can use in this work. We have experienced significant interest in the grant schemes, and we hope that this will continue in 2020.
    Department Director Sven Martin Tønnessen

    The announcement is made subject to the Parliament’s approval of the state budget proposal for 2020.

    Cargo transfer from the road to the sea

    Grants for road transport from road to sea shall contribute to the transportation of goods through the establishment of new maritime transport services for products that are currently underway. Shipowners within the EEA, with ships flagged in an EEA country, can receive the grant for a maximum of three years. In the draft state budget for 2020, the scheme has set aside NOK 50 million

    Tilskudd til overføring av gods fra vei til sjø

    Contact: Erika Marlen Støylen

    Efficient and environmentally friendly ports

    Grants for investment in efficient and environmentally friendly ports will help to increase the efficiency of the logistics chain through measures in port. The projects will result in reduced time spent on ships and trucks in port. In the draft state budget for 2020, the scheme has set aside approximately NOK 51 million.

    Tilskudd til investering i effektive og miljøvennlige havner

    Contact : Øyvind Sandbakk

    Port Cooperation

    Grants for port cooperation will contribute to increased transport quality and reduced port prices. The ports will collaborate on joint solutions that can help reduce the costs for users in the ports. In the draft state budget for 2020, the scheme has set aside approximately NOK 11 million.

    Tilskudd til havnesamarbeid

    Contact : Øyvind Sandbakk