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New Freight service: Finnmark – Central Norway

    Nor Lines Daily launches a new freight service, in collaboration with one of the “Daily” shipowners. The service will operate every second week between Central Norway and Kirkenes. The first official departure from Trondheim to Kirkenes will be Friday, 24 January, with the arrival in Kirkenes on Thursday 30 January.

    The industry is growing, and business is developing. The need for domestic transport is increasing. In general, the growth in the demand for transportation is mainly covered by Norwegian and foreign land-based carriage. The result is capacity challenges on infrastructure and pressure on the local environment. It is a goal set by the authorities and a general societal requirement to transfer more goods from road to the sea. Challenges related to the frequency and structure of shipping traffic have limited the scope for business, which depends on regularity and predictability.

    The county council well satisfied

    The county government has, ever since Nor Lines abandoned its sailing to the eastern county some years back, worked to regain a stable freight route covering the entire coastline up to Kirkenes.
    I am therefore delighted that Nor Lines Daily has now announced that the opportunities for freight are resurfacing, says Hansen.

    Here, an operator has collaborated with many other freight suppliers, and secured the cargo unloading of goods at sea, thus utilizing the available capacity of the various shipping companies that cover our coast.
    County Council for Transport in Troms and Finnmark, Kristina Hansen

    Hansen says that authorities, as well as society in general, expect freight transport in our areas to be moved from road to sea due to environmental considerations.

    Nor Lines Daily

    To ensure environmentally and cost-effectiveness on land-based transport, goods have been grouped for decades, which is crucial in an elongated country. Since 2018, Nor Lines has in close dialogue with an extensive agent network and the shipping companies transporting goods along the Norwegian coast, developed a similar opportunity for sea freight. The co-loading product is named Nor Lines Daily.

    “We have been working for this and waiting for it.”
    County Council for Transport in Troms and Finnmark, Kristina Hansen

    The concept

    • “Daily” utilizes the capacity of coastal vessels
    • The terminal network ensures door-to-door delivery and storage options
    • Daily coordinates door-to-door delivery with the agents so that the customer experiences a “one-stop-shop” from Fredrikstad to Kirkenes.
    • The coordinating center in Trondheim controls the operation and the flow of information for the customer.

    Customer benefits through better utilization of existing capacity provide environmental benefits.

    • Price competitive
    • Restricts transport on the road
    • A network of ships provides more frequent departures

    Official departure from Trondheim to Kirkenes

    The first official departure from Trondheim to Kirkenes will be Friday, 24 January, with the arrival of Kirkenes on Thursday 30 January. The ship will call on all Nor Lines agents in Troms / Finnmark based on cargo.

    The ship is called “SAFIR,” in addition to co-loading cargo, it also takes deck loads of up to 20 tonnes with its crane, as well as fish feed to the fish farms in the shipping area. All freight is scanned into Nor Lines’ TMS and traced as other freight in the system. All cargo is distributed to and from all postal codes in Norway. We hope in the long term to increase to a weekly frequency in cooperation with shipowners, agents, and the regional business community.