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Hive Autonomy and Yara: Remote and autonomous wheel loader operation

    Hive Autonomy is thrilled to announce a cooperation with Yara, marking a significant advancement in developing remote-controlled and autonomous load-handling solutions. This collaboration is positioned to redefine the landscape of industrial-operation workspaces, prioritizing operator ergonomics, safety, and productivity.

    Supported by key project partners Bouvet, Volvo, and Telenor, the project will deliver a full-scale proof of concept for remote-controlled and autonomous bulk handling, facilitated by comprehensive operational system integration, 5G connectivity, and advanced machine integration. Each project partner contributes its industry expertise, underscoring the robustness of Nordic technology collaborations designed to handle larger-scale roll-outs moving forward.

    Volvo L120H wheel loader retrofitted for remote and autonomous operation. It is located at Hive Autonomy’s test facility in Kristiansand, Norway.
    Photo: Hive Autonomy

    The cornerstone of this initiative is the ambitious project to retrofit Yara’s Volvo wheel loader for remote and autonomous operation. Through this venture, Yara aims to empower its operators with the capability to manage multiple machines simultaneously from a single, centralized Hive remote control station, streamlining operations and elevating efficiency. The project will transition operators from a rough and potentially hazardous environment to a comfortable office setting, significantly reducing their exposure to wear and tear.

    This cooperation exemplifies the significant potential that emerges from a robust collaboration between Hive Autonomy, an ambitious technology scale-up, Yara, a forward-thinking industrial leader, and the project partners

    Fredrik Bringager, Chief Commercial Officer at Hive Autonomy

    For us, it represents a dream opportunity to work alongside a company such as Yara, which is deeply committed to collaboratively tailoring our remote and autonomous platform to meet the specific needs of their operators. It is inspiring to be part of a collaboration that champions innovation and firmly positions Norway globally as a hub for intelligent solutions of tomorrow,” says Bringager.

    The initiative represents an important step for Yara in further developing and implementing technology to continuously improve our operations. The collaboration with Hive Autonomy highlights the value of raising strong relationships between established industry frontrunners like Yara and innovative technology scale-ups such as Hive Autonomy. This collaboration serves as a catalyst for innovation, challenging conventional practices and shaping the future operating landscape

    Merete Østby, Digital Manager at Yara

    Over the recent months, Yara’s operators have conducted testing and training sessions at Hive Autonomy’s test facility in Kristiansand, Norway. These sessions have been instrumental in refining and adapting the user interface, ensuring it meets the specific needs and feedback of the operators. This hands-on approach underscores the partnership’s commitment to developing solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also intuitive and user-centric.

    Yara operators training at Hive Autonomy’s remote-control station for autonomous and remote operations.
    Photo: Hive Autonomy

    Together, Hive Autonomy, Yara, and the project partners —Bouvet, Volvo, and Telenor—  are setting the stage for a transformative shift in the industry, leading the way toward a future where remote and autonomous systems enhance operational capabilities, safety, and set new standards for workplace innovation. Key project partners Bouvet, Volvo, and Telenor representatives expressed the following:

    We are very happy to be a part of this project together with Hive Autonomy and Yara. It is inspiring to see how working with partners can drive innovation and make it possible to realize this advanced technical solution. Remote and autonomous operation will increase productivity and reduce the cost of operating our Wheel Loaders, and at the same time improve safety – in line with the most important core value of Volvo.

    David Kristianslund, Sales Director, Volvo Maskin.

    Bouvet is excited to partner with Yara, Hive Autonomy, Volvo and Telenor in this future-oriented project. In this collaboration our primary focus is to ensure seamless integration and interface between technology, regulations and human interaction. We eagerly anticipate working closely with the operators to ensure that their expertise is fully integrated in the project, and that the partners knowledge is utilized

    Lars Erik Finholt, Bouvet

    Telenor is pleased to partner up with fellow industry leaders and to provide access to Norway’s fastest and best mobile network. With low latency, our robust network will allow remote and autonomous operation of Yara’s Volvo wheel loader, as well as secure communication between each vehicle and the control station

    Gaute Marsteinstrædet, Head of sales medium and large enterprises, Telenor Bedrift

    To learn more about the technology, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Fredrik Bringager
    Chief Commercial Officer in Hive Autonomy

    Merete Østby
    Digital Manager