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Global outlook – from the Port perspective 

    We are all connected, and that connectivity makes the world look smaller. We are more codependent than ever before. What implication are we still waiting to see?

    The annual Port Conference in Kristiansand always ends with a global outlook. 31st of August this year, the theme in the global outlook is Ports of War. At the inflection point, and not the least, The North Seas Energy Cooperation – is changing the game. 

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine rocked the European peace agreement founded in the Coals and Steel Union, now known as the EU. The invasion affected the complete European infrastructure and maybe ports in particular. Without our ports, how will we then be connected? How will our goods and services be moved? How will we be able to ensure our value chains and industries depend upon trade by sea? Brigadier Håkon Warø will tell us more about the future; maybe civil society has not yet seen the possible marks. 

    Photo: The Port of Kristiansand

    Europe and Norway have leaned on markets not based in Europe. The tech giants in Asia are showing muscles we did not expect them to have. Russia has demonstrated that European and Western values are not coincidental with their own. Our dependence on Russian and Asian energy, raw materials, and technological innovations – are we now at the inflection point? Andreas Svanlund from Seabed Solutions will tell us how this may play out. But does it have to? 

    We desperately need more renewable energy, and we need to develop new markets to make this happen. UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway focus on building offshore wind. The North Sea is well suited for creating this new industry on the backbone of the oil and gas industry. The new cooperations and our codependence will change the game, but to what extent? If you are in Kristiansand on the 31st of August, you will be able to learn more about this by listening to Harald Dirdal.

    Next year, what has changed? Have we been able to secure peace in Ukraine? How far has the new offshore wind industry developed? Will the new production sight of renewable energy make us more persistent or more exposed? And what about the inflection point? Save the date for next year’s conference, 26th of September.

    We look forward to seeing you in Kristiansand.