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Freight transport from China to Oppdal

    NewTracks is a product development company with offices in both Norway and Shenzhen. The company works from idea to serial production and has customers with high expectations for both technical solutions and logistics. We had a chat with the general manager of NewTracks, Julius Espedal, and gained insight into how they work to secure their deliveries.

    Why do Customers choose Newtracks?

    The feedback we get from customers is that they choose NewTracks because we quality assure all shipments from China and because we are solution-oriented both in terms of technical solutions and logistics solutions. In many products, such as machined aluminum profiles, we also have shorter delivery times than our competitors in Scandinavia.

    We try to make it as easy as possible for the customer. We take care of the customer logistics door-door. The customer does not have to deal with the actual shipping, the customs, and the costs associated with this.
    Julius Espedal, General Manager of Newtracks

    Integrated logistics: Sea and road

    How do you solve the logistics for your customers today?

    The choice of transport solution depends on the customer’s lead-time requirements. Mostly, our shipments are cargo or whole containers. Time-critical deliveries go as air cargo.

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    Containers arriving by sea uses only a few days to arrive at a quay near the customer from Rotterdam. From the local dock, there are never more than a few hours to the delivery address. We work with DSV, which has a functional integration between boat and car. Combining a boat to a quay close to the customer, we experience as the best solution for large freight shipments.

    Kevin Liu (to the left) Manager at Newtracks office in Shenzhen. Julius Espedal, General Manager in NewTracks (to the right)

    We tried shipments by train from China but feel that the price is too high for the time saved. The cost-element is probably because of the container shifts to car-transport in Hamburg or Copenhagen, leaving several miles left on the road. We follow developments closely and believe that trains can become a new solution in the future.

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    Freight transport from Rotterdam to Oppdal

    What is important to you when choosing a logistics partner?

    The most important thing for Newtracks is to have a logistics partner who thinks of comprehensive solutions and who can handle the goods right up to the customer. For example, with a delivery address in Oppdal, some suppliers will offer a boat to Oslo and then use a truck. Shortsea from Rotterdam to Orkanger is just as time-effective, with reduced road-mileage as a consequence. Thus, we save both costs and CO2 without sacrificing lead-time.

    Since 2016, we have been working to find the best factories in China to make our Norwegian customers more competitive
    Julius Espedal, General Manager of NewTracks

    In 2018, NewTracks established a subsidiary in Shenzhen, China, to ensure quality production and optimize logistics.