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Freight traffic in the port of Moss goes as usual

    Everyday life has changed in The Port of Moss this past week. Like the rest of the world, measures are taken as a result of the corona crisis. Despite the implemented measures, freight traffic operates as normal.

    Border closures to curb the coronavirus have led to queues of up to 60 kilometers across Europe. Health and document checks of trailer drivers lead to delays in road-based goods transport.

    We experience firsthand the importance of an operational sea infrastructure – especially the preparedness we need in situations like the one that we experience nowadays.
    Øystein Høsteland Sundby, Port Manager Moss Harbor

    Last week we operated according to plan. We plan to work as usual in the coming week. The market indicates a move from road to the sea on freight traffic, but so far, we have not seen an immediate increase, says the port manager.

    Truck driving in the Port of Moss

    Both for The Port of Moss and the port operator, the staffing situation has the highest priority. Crane-operators is to have as little contact with each other as possible, to minimize the risk for contagion, and administrative staff works to a large extent from home. The capacity of the port is not affected by the measures implemented.

    All freight traffic goes as normal

    We see a small decline in volume compared to last year. This is partly due to seasonal variations (Easter, Chinese New Year) and partly due to the corona situation, says Øystein Høsteland Sundby, Port Manager in Moss.

    Shipping ensures robust supply chains for food and medicine

    Some drivers drive through France instead of Austria and Germany to avoid queues, and extra drivers are put on some cars so they can drive more continuously and save time
    Pia Gulbrandsen, Communications Director at BAMA

    Access to cars with two drivers limited and now BAMA is planning an extra day on transport, leading to the transport time can be six days from Italy to Oslo. Intermodal supply chains using ships and trains are now faster than trucks through Europe.

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    The Port of Moss is proud to be able to help ensure that no one has to worry about access to food and other goods on the store shelves. Several well-known companies, which supply Norway with medical consumables and other essential products, receive containers from Moss Harbor daily. It is meaningful and vital to work in Moss harbor, and all of us who work here get a reminder of the importance these days.
    Øystein Høsteland Sundby, Port Manager

    Business in the Moss region supplies the inhabitants of the country with necessary goods. The media has talked about several major food suppliers who work hard to assure us that both supply lines and warehouses are functioning normally. The Port of Moss, together with the shipping lines, is a vital part of this supply line.

    Freight routes from the Port of Moss

    The Port of Moss has freight routes to the following ports:


    The following shipping companies operate from the port of Moss:

    Seago LineTeam LinesCMA CGM

    Source: Shortsea Schedules