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Connecting Brevik to Hamburg and Bremerhaven

    Unifeeder adds Brevik to its Germany-Norway loop. The service will start at the end of October. The service adds frequency, predictability, and scalability between Norway and the continental hub-ports. 

    Unifeeder is happy to announce that it is adding Brevik to its Norway / Hamburg and Bremerhaven sailings. Brevik has been served for many years by Unifeeder from the port of Rotterdam.

    With the increasing demand for more connectivity and shorter transit times, Unifeeder has decided to implement Brevik’s multi-hub concept by adding the two German hub-ports to the mix. The first sailing will take place from Brevik on Saturday, the 31st of October.

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    The multi-hub network by Unifeeder to/from ports in the Oslofjord consists of:

    • 7 modern container vessels.
    • 7 Oslo Fiord ports connected with Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, and Hamburg.
    • 19 calls per week at Kristiansand, Brevik, Larvik, Drammen, Oslo, Moss, Fredrikstad.
    Unifeeder adds Brevik to its Germany-Norway loop.
    Illustration: Unifeeder

    Service highlights: 

    • Door to door multimodal services between Germany and Norway
    • Reliable service with fixed weekday schedules
    • Sustainable mode of transport
    • Scalable capacity

    The service makes for an attractive option for our feeder and shortsea customers, providing frequency, predictability, and scalability combined with good lead-times between Norway and the continental hub-ports. 

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