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An effective gateway to more sustainable logistics

    Did you know that moving your logistics from road transport to Shortsea can reduce your transport emissions by up to 60%? A giant leap towards national and European sustainability targets. Schedules aim to provide the market an effective gateway into more sustainable logistics by simplifying logistical planning. Introducing the new request-a-quote functionality in Schedules further streamlines the transition towards more sustainable door-door logistics.

    Based upon our national survey and Cargo-owner interviews over the past three years, the challenge of using Shortsea highlights the complexity of gathering information in the pre-tender phase, resulting in more resources needed without finding the relevant information. 

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    The result is inefficient pre-tender phases, leading to missed opportunities to explore Shortsea as a tool for more sustainable door-door logistics.

    Locate the best alternatives in a matter of minutes

    Let´s look at how we improve the customer journey and respond to market feedback regarding the information gap in Shortsea.

    Cargo owners often find it challenging to locate the right product or service, and spending unnecessary time in the exploration phase leads to missed opportunities to explore new solutions. That´s why we have provided you with three ways to search for different alternatives:

    • Search for available alternatives using the search from- and to address; this alternative provides information about relevant services and the shipping lines’ names.
    • Search by company name; this alternative provides an overview of the selected company´s services and contact information
    • Search by port; You will get a complete overview of available services and relevant contact information by looking up your nearby port authority in Schedules.

    Improving information visibility is especially relevant for companies transitioning towards a solution they have yet to gain prior experience with. Schedules create an opportunity to explore all available solutions and the appropriate contact information to take the next step.

    Information visibility on available alternatives

    Identifying and acquiring relevant information about potential suppliers is now a matter of minutes and can be done from anywhere.

    Request a quote from the relevant supplier(s)

    The next step in the customer journey is the selection process and the initial purchase. The buyer often needs help to compare suppliers promptly across multiple criteria.  The natural inclination is to contact known and existing suppliers; by providing you with a market overview in a matter of minutes, you can broaden the selection process benefitting your company. 

    Transport details

    Click the relevant supplier(s), which provides you with transport details for your selected destination. If the information meets your specifications, press the Request a Quote button, which provides a standard form that can be sent directly to the supplier’s customer service personnel. 

    Request a quote-form

    Companies available in Schedules 

    Schedules hold services for 14 shipping lines; the database is continuously expanding as more shipping lines are added to the solution.

    You will find door-door solutions for the following shipping lines:

    • CMA CGM
    • Containerships
    • Color Line
    • DFDS Logistics
    • Fjord Line
    • MSC
    • Nor Lines
    • North Sea Container Line
    • Samskip
    • Sea-Cargo
    • Ulvan Rederi
    • Unifeeder
    • Viasea
    • Wasaline 

    The registered services connect to 135 European ports with a vast network of intermodal solutions to fit your logistical needs.

    Explore Shortsea Schedules

    If you are a shipping line and don´t find your name on the list and want to increase your visibility, email us, and we will contact you to explore how we can integrate your shipping line and provide the market with a more streamlined customer journey.

    Contact information:

    Jørn Askvik, Shortsea Promotion Centre