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All great journeys start with the first step

    Today’s launch of the Shortsea Schedule application represents the first of many steps to simplifying logistical planning and making Shortsea more available. First and foremost, thank all contributors to the development of Shortsea Schedules 2.0. Your input makes this a great solution.

    Today’s launch represents the first of many steps towards more efficient logistical planning and providing the market with an effective gateway into more sustainable logistical solutions.

    Did you know that moving your logistics from road transport to Shortsea can reduce your transport emissions by up to 60%? A giant leap towards national and European sustainability targets.

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    Information gap

    In the last three years, Shortsea Promotion Centre has asked the cargo owners in Norway about their experiences with logistical planning and execution. One of the recurring topics was how Shortsea was more complicated than road-based logistics and demanded more time and resources from the logistical departments.

    When asked if they had experienced not being able to find relevant information about logistical solutions to their company, as much as 31% said yes. >90% of these experiences were made in Shortsea and rail solutions.

    What information was difficult to obtain? Schedules, price, punctuality, partner information, and availability of other services. Shortsea Schedules is an answer to some of these shortcomings.

    Simplifies your logistical planning

    We aim to provide cargo owners with unbiased, door-to-door search results and relevant contact information, streamlining the planning process. Shortsea Schedules is a three-step process:

    1. Search door-to-door (from your factory to your customer)  
    2. Evaluate the search results and identify the best transport solutions for your demand
    3. Get the relevant contact information and be on your way

    If you are a shipping line and want to be visible on Shortsea Schedules, email us, and we will contact you to explore how we can integrate your shipping line and increase your visibility

    Contact information:

    Jørn Askvik, Shortsea Promotion Centre