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All freight traffic goes as normal

    All transport of goods, imports, and exports, which does not involve the carriage of passengers, shall operate as usual by road, train, ship, and aircraft. Airports, ports, and border crossings are kept open for freight traffic.

    Airports, ports, and border crossings are being kept open for freight traffic, according to a press release from the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Management and the Ministry of Transport.

    Norway relies on good supply lines to secure both the population and businesses necessary goods. Aviation, maritime traffic, highways, and trains are all crucial parts of the supply lines in and out of Norway.

    Sea transport ensures the delivery of goods

    Although Norway is closing down, ports, shipping companies, and freight forwarders operate almost, as usual, to ensure the flow of goods with food, medicines, and other necessities reach the consumers. The industry confirms the focus on maintaining regular activity and securing supply chains.

    Rigorous procedures are implemented following the Covid-19 outbreak to ensure the safety of employees and the community.

    Norway’s national grid ports are part of the country’s critical infrastructure and supply chain, and part of the EU’s “Trans European Network” (transport corridors). The ports emphasize that freight transport is operating as usual.

    Sjursøya Container-terminal
    Photo: Port of Oslo

    The delivery of goods and goods to The Port of Oslo continues. Freight traffic is of great national and regional importance, with 70-80% of the products going to recipients within two hours from the port.

    The Port of Karmsund is one of Norway’s 32 main network ports. Considerable quantities of consumables, food, medicines, equipment for health institutions, and chemicals move through the harbor. The Port of Karmsund confirms that they are operational.

    Shortsea shipping companies operating to and from the continent, and along the Norwegian coast, confirms that the operations are going as usual.

    We will maintain regular activity that secures supply chains.
    Are Gråthen, CEO Samskip Norway

    Samskip and Nor Lines operate, as usual, they have experienced an increase in sea freight traffic in the last weeks. Cargo previously transported by car is now carried in containers because ferries and drivers are restricted from normal operations.

    The North Sea Container Line (NCL) informs that they have a regular operation and that goods are loaded and unloaded as usual.

    Unifeeder maintains full operation and continues uninterrupted to serve its customers. All offices follow the instructions of the national authorities, including travel guides, quarantine, and health and hygiene.

    DFDS, Stena Lina, and Color Line have all canceled or restricted their departures to and from Norway to their foreign destinations, but freight traffic with Color Carrier goes as usual.

    MS Color Carrier
    Photo: Color Line, Color Carrier