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A new start for Red Rock

    Marvin Jensen, CEO of Acron Group AS, and Christoffer Jørgenvåg, founder of Red Rock, are pleased to announce a newly established collaboration to get Red Rock back on its feet and strengthen the company’s already solid position in smart load-handling solutions.

    Acron Group takes over a majority stake in Red Rock, and looks forward to further developing the company’s ten years of expertise in intelligent load-handling solutions in collaboration with the Red Rock team. The information is shared through a joint press release on September 30th.

    For Acron Group, this is the start of an exciting journey where we also reinforce our vision of technology for the green shift. We are part of creating an exciting company that strengthens our strategy of delivering concepts adapted to different industries for optimization of operations, production, and technology application as part of the green shift. We look forward to working further with a groundbreaking technology environment in the Red Rock team, where we together work out solutions within the green transition in several market segments.
    Marvin Jensen, CEO Acron Group

    The new acquisition will focus on Red Rock’s already strong position in innovative and robust solutions for marine and offshore cargo operations, focusing on the company’s innovative wave compensation technology for cranes and walkways. In particular, the company’s position in the rapidly growing offshore wind market is interesting, where Red Rock was an early adopter of deliveries for service vessels adapted to offshore wind.

    We are thrilled that Red Rock and our legacy technology are back on their feet and that we have a robust partner in Acron Group who will assist in taking the company up where it was and beyond. Together with the Acron Group, we aim to build a leading international company that paves the way for innovative and future-oriented load-handling solutions.
    Christoffer Jørgenvåg, founder of Red Rock

    Based on Red Rock’s innovative products, solid customer portfolio, and Acron Group’s extensive industry experience, the collaboration is a good match. The parties are also joining forces to develop Red Rock AI robotics company further to become a leading player in remote and autonomous load handling solutions focusing on port and terminal operations. In addition, the company announced this spring that it would supplement ASKO with technology solutions to realize autonomous terminal tractors. The project is part of ASKO’s signal project for end-to-end green and autonomous logistics.

    About Acron Group

    Acron Group delivers technology and technology for the green shift and is a solution provider within energy optimization. The company delivers concepts and solutions adapted to different industries for optimization of operations, production, renewable energy, and technology application as part of the green shift. Acron Group’s philosophy is to ensure value development for the customer in the form of sustainable solutions. The ambition is to deliver a turnover of concepts and solutions for around NOK 1 billion in 2025. The Group’s head office is in Kristiansand, Norway.

    About Red Rock

    Red Rock delivers intelligent load-handling solutions supported by a global service and support network. Through innovative technology and innovation, the company has established a position as a leading player in intelligent load-handling products. Over the course of a decade, Red Rock has developed an extensive track record consisting of state-of-the-art systems delivered to shipping companies worldwide.