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760,000 tonnes moved from road to sea

    Since 2017, the Norwegian Coastal Administration has provided grants to shipowners to establish new sea transport services that can compete with road transport. The results to date are more than 760,000 tonnes of goods moved from road to sea. Make a note of this year’s application deadline: 10 May 2021.

    The subsidy scheme for the transfer of goods from road to the sea is part of the Government’s efforts to strengthen maritime transport competitiveness. Moving freight transport has benefits for society through fewer trailers along Norwegian roads, increased traffic safety, and reduced local emissions.

    47,000 fewer truck transports

    NOK 175 million in grants resulted in the transfer of 760,000 tonnes of goods from road to the sea. The transfer corresponds to almost 47,000 fewer truck transports and a reduction of approximately 21,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

    We are pleased with the positive effects of the projects that have received grants. We now want new applications that can further strengthen freight transport by sea.
    Department head at the Norwegian Coastal Administration, Thor Vartdal

    The support program for moving cargo from road to the sea

    The support program for moving cargo is part of the government’s efforts to strengthen maritime transport. Shipowners can apply for grants from the program.

    The Norwegian Coastal Administration provides support to establish sea-based transport services for goods currently transported by road. The program is an important tool for fulfilling the goal of more cargo at sea.

    Photo: Unifeeder

    Projects that can show the beneficial effects of transferring freight transport from road to sea can receive operating support for up to three years. The support is limited to the utility value generated during the support period. The Norwegian Coastal Administration has developed a separate tool for calculating the utility value of goods transfer.

    If you are a shipowner established within the EEA, with ships flagged in an EEA country and have plans to develop a new freight route, the Norwegian Coastal Administration would like to hear from you.

    The application deadline is May 10, 2021.

    How to apply?

    The electronic application form for cargo transfer on is a requirement. More information on the application process is available here.

    The Norwegian Coastal Administration offers guidance to interested applicants. Contact them by e-mail and arrange a digital guidance meeting.