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shortsea shipping


Shortsea Promotion Center is a collaborative project between the Norwegian authorities and private actors with the aim of making the sea route a larger part of the intermodal value chain.

Membership and benefits

As a member of the Shortsea Promotion Centre, you have many benefits. A membership gives you and the industry visibility through our many communication channels, collaboration arenas with the entire value chain, growth through our extensive network, insight through our product owner surveys, and an extensive European network.

The Highway between Europe and Norway

Predictable and efficient logistics ensure precise customer deliveries and are essential for logistics giant DHL. The stability and predictability of Color Line is why DHL… Read More »The Highway between Europe and Norway

DFDS Botnia Seaways

DFDS with new freight service from Tilbury to Calais

DFDS announced a new Tilbury – Calais ferry service.  The unaccompanied freight service began in late June and replaced the current service from Calais to… Read More »DFDS with new freight service from Tilbury to Calais

Hive Autonomy Control unit ready for live demo. Port operator SeaFront explains why they take part in this project and the benefits for them as a port operator.

“It’s a wrap” for this year’s edition of The Innovation Hub

The innovation hub in Kristiansand, organized by the Shortsea Promotion Centre and the Norwegian Ports Association on August 30, marks this event’s third anniversary. Sixty… Read More »“It’s a wrap” for this year’s edition of The Innovation Hub

Global outlook – from the Port perspective 

We are all connected, and that connectivity makes the world look smaller. We are more codependent than ever before. What implication are we still waiting… Read More »Global outlook – from the Port perspective